Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Door Unlocked

In recent weeks, some of you have asked about my second book.  I am happy to report that on July 1, 2013, I finished the first draft of a 55,000 word novel.  The working title is A Door Unlocked, but this could change.  In fact, I’ve gone through several working titles over the course of writing this book, but I must say, A Door Unlocked gets to the heart of the message. 

It’s a Supernatural/Suspense about a two-bit convict named Bobby Ray Ledbetter who served two years at Parchman Penitentiary and is due to be released.  The prison psychiatrist isn’t convinced of Bobby Ray’s rehabilitation, but is powerless to intercede.  Here’s a excerpt:

“You’re a free man, Bobby Ray.  Free to make your own decisions.  Free to start all over again.”  The psychiatrist shifted his feet on the floor, hands resting on the table.  The serene disposition masked his concern.  In his mid-thirties, but only a few years removed from his doctorate, he realized no one needed a college degree to see that Bobby Ray Ledbetter was a firebrand.  Combustible.  A first-time offender waiting for a place to repeat.

Indeed, Bobby Ray does repeat, but this time his crime is murder, rape and kidnapping.

Standing in a dim pool of light cast by another nightlight at the top of the stairs, he bent over to pick up his cap and gloves.  That’s when he heard a click.
A bedroom door opened to his immediate right.  Looking up in time to see the baseball bat bearing down, Bobby Ray’s massive forearm deflected the brunt of the blow.  His other hand grabbed the man wielding the bat and separated him from his weapon.  Swinging the homeowner against the banister, he pushed with every ounce of his considerable strength and sent him tumbling over the railing and down the staircase where he landed with a heavy thud on the carpeted concrete slab.

Without as much as a moan coming from below, he turned and started in the direction of muffled, feminine gasps inside the bedroom.

A Door Unlocked is about shattered innocence and the struggle for one family to find its way. It involves political intrigue on a local and state level followed up with supernatural gamesmanship. As of this writing, I’m working on the second draft, which involves editing and rewriting to insure flow, continuity, consistency and comprehension. After that, a beta reader or two will advise. (If you’d like to beta read, give me a jingle.)

 Of course, there’s never a guarantee, but I’m leaving the door open for a November publishing date.  Please visit this blog for updates.